virtual solution

With unlimited distractions both online and at home, it takes a different type of focus to engage in virtual events.

While many online tools are acceptable for some of your internal meetings, our professional virtual solution differentiates itself from these platforms. Let’s see together why you should consider our turnkey solution to maximize on virtual community-building and create unique experiences that is far beyond the screen.

There are two types
of online Events

A web-based interface event allows participants to listen to a speaker and participate in Q&A sessions. It is mainly used for trainings or internal meetings in smaller groups, and more commonly referred to as a webinar.

A virtual event is similar to an in-person live event, however it is replicated online where participants have access to multiple pre-selected features such as: personal agenda, Live & pre-recorded sessions, breakouts, real time speed dating, artist performances, on-demand content, networking lounge, social media integration, translation services, and more. Trade shows, career fairs and product launches are also good examples of virtual events.

Two main Virtual Event

A platform very similar to a Giant website, including a menu and different windows where participants can navigate from one to another, in order to access multiple features.

A 360/3D platform consisting of a virtual lobby and meeting rooms, unique 3D designs, and access to multiples selected features all in a 360 environment, with or without an avatar.

Whether you need to schedule one or the other, we’ll be sure to select the proper online platform and audio-visual Production that will best serve the needs of your event strategy and create a unique digital gathering place.

Some essentials
to succeed
  • Have a secured Internet connection
  • Own your content
  • Hire inspirational presenters & a dynamic facilitator
  • Focus on interactivity
  • Avoid long sessions
  • Upgraded tech tools for presenters Video
Available and compatible
  • Fully customizable console with branding
  • Online Registration, web site, app
  • Training, panel discussion, keynote, breakouts
  • Sync slides with videos and share screens
  • Surveys, Q&A, live polling, digital whiteboard
  • Gamification, contest, Happy Hour
  • Social media integration
  • Recording sessions, on-demand playlist
  • Video streaming
  • Push notifications
  • Sponsorship visibility
  • Translation services
  • Live session and pre-registered capsules
  • Live theme music
  • Trade Shows
  • Live artist/DJ performance
  • Emcee, presenters and speakers
  • Teambuilding
  • Multiple electronic devices accessibility
  • Speed dating, Data analytics,
  • Reports
  • And more…
Let’s do this

Planning a virtual event is an opportunity to think and engage differently, a chance to innovate and respond to what is really important for your organization and participants to leave with.

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