virtual solution

While some web conference tools are acceptable for some of your smaller internal meetings, our virtual solutions clearly differentiate themselves from these platforms when it comes to plan an important virtual event.

Create a unique experience to your participants by maximizing a virtual community-building that is far beyond the screen.

What is a
virtual Événements virtuels OSE Event

It is event where participants access an interactive virtual environment which allows to meet other than face-to-face.

Virtual Événements virtuels OSE Event types
and configurations

Whether it is for a small live or pre-recorded session like a private wine tasting, a panel with Q&A or a simple Keynote or for an even larger event like a Convention, a Sales Meeting, a Trade Show, a Career Fair or a Product Launch, we offer the following 2 types of virtual spaces:

  • A 2D environment: very similar to a Giant website where you can navigate from one functionality to another.
  • A 3D/360 environment: very close to a real space where you can move around with your avatar to go from one area to another and it offers multiples functionality accesses.

Whether you need to schedule one or the other, we’ll be sure to select the proper online tools and audio-visual Production that will best serve the needs of your event strategy and create a unique digital gathering place.

Tools available
to you
  • Fully customizable console related to brand image
  • Online Registration, via web site and app
  • Social media integration
  • Sync slides with videos and share screens
  • Recording sessions, on-demand playlist
  • Video streaming
  • Push notifications
  • Data analytics & Reports
  • Speed dating
  • Sponsorship visibility
  • Surveys, Q&A, live polling, digital whiteboard
  • Gamification, contest, Happy Hour
  • Training, panel discussion, keynote, breakouts
  • Translation services
  • Live session and pre-registered capsules
  • Live theme music
  • Trade Shows
  • Live artist/DJ performance
  • Emcee, presenters and speakers
  • Teambuilding
  • And more…
Some essentials
to succeed
  • A secured Internet connection
  • Your own creative content
  • Inspirational presenters & a dynamic facilitator
  • A focus on interactivity
  • Short sessions
  • Upgraded tech tools for presenters
  • Multiple electronic devices accessibility
Let’s do this

Planning a virtual event with Événements virtuels OSE is an opportunity to think and engage differently, a chance to innovate and respond to what is really important for your organization and participants to leave with.

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